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Hugs all day every day

Have you ever felt stress leave your body as you are given a hug?

It is incredible to think that something so simple can help us so much. If you were able to view the Cancer Be Gone series by Shona Williams you are probably receiving her periodic emails. The email sent out on December 9, 2019 caught my attention. Ms. Williams wrote “A hug is giving and transformational. It is abundantly equipped with the proper ingredients and calibrated just right to give you exactly the right dose of what you need!”

What do we need? Each one of us is dealing with our own different obstacles yet hugs can help us cope with each circumstance a little better. Sheldon Cohen led a study at Carnegie Mellon University which studied how hugs can help protect people who were stressed from getting sick. Dr. Cohen states “hugs might be an effective means of reducing the deleterious effects of stress.”

What does this have to do with Gerson Therapy? So much.

When our guests first arrive at Health Institute de Tijuana there is a great deal of focus on the therapy, the protocol, the juicing, detoxing etc. However, being well isn’t just about taking care of the body. We have to help our mind, heart and soul so that the entire being heals. One way that we can start is by not going a day without at least one hug. Don’t let your loved ones walk out the door without giving them a little squeeze first.

“The hugging and oxytocin release that comes with it can then have trickle-down effects throughout the body, causing a decrease in heart rate and a drop in the stress hormones cortisol and norepinephrine” (Colino, 2016). How do we feel after a hug from a dear friend or a close family member? We feel calm. We feel loved. We feel protected. What should be done if we don’t have a human near for our daily dose of vitamin H (“h” for hug)?

If you’re lucky enough to have a four-legged friend then by all means go ahead and hug that fur baby. The benefits of having pets are for another post completely.

For now, take one day at a time. Take one breath at a time. Whenever there’s an opportunity for a hug be sure to accept it with open arms. Healing goes both ways.

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