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Gerson Therapy Support Group on Facebook

I was on the phone earlier today when asked “do you know of someone that might be able to help me once I get back home from the clinic?” Without hesitating I said “You may want to go online to Kathleen Blake’s Gerson Therapy Support Group page on Facebook.” If you are reading this you probably already know who Kathleen Blake is and what she does for the community. She is amazing.

Kathleen is someone I reach out to when I have a question about the therapy or about a resource that I’m looking for. She herself went through the protocol and is a survivor so if she recommends or suggests something I listen.

Some people may not know that Kathleen picked up Charlotte Gerson’s book at a health food store and started her journey there. She was fortunate enough to meet Charlotte and have a relationship with the Gerson family. You won’t find anyone else like her and the best part about this is that she is always generous with her time and will help you never asking for anything in return. She is a true mensch.

The Gerson Therapy Support Group has over 27,000 members. These folks are either following the protocol or have a loved one doing it. The group is closed to the general public but you may request to join. If you haven’t joined you should. If you’re not on Facebook, this group is a good reason to do so.

One thing I mention to folks doing Gerson Therapy is that they should lean on their support group. This is the time to call in all favors. Remember the friend who asked you to babysit when you had plans? There was a cold winter night when your brother asked you to drive him to the airport at midnight? Let’s not forget the neighbor who asked for help when moving into her new house? When doing the protocol, it is a great idea to have people who know what you are going through. There are 27,000 people just like that in this group.

Here are a few things you can find on this page:

*Juicing, cooking and interview videos.

*Photos of juice explosion smiling faces, dogs, veggies, Gerson food.

*Tutorials that tell you how to clean a juicer’s parts, how to make Hippocrates soup, how to make oatmeal gruel and many more informative videos.

Not everyone in her group may help you juice but there are great tips on where to buy produce from, who sells supplements, what to do when you have your first healing reaction, who travels with a juicer and many more.

If you want to learn about the Gerson Therapy this group is a good reference to have. A big thank you to Kathleen and to all of those on the Gerson Therapy Support Group page. As someone I know always says “don’t stop until the miracle happens!”

Photo of Kathleen Blake and Charlotte Gerson retrieved from Gerson Therapy Support Group page

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