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Health Institute de Tijuana (H.I.T.) is an intimate in-patient facility offering an alternative approach to living. Our facility houses 10 patients and their companions at a time. This allows us to offer each guest the benefit of the highest quality of care. A team of licensed medical doctors and registered nurses are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Nestled in a seaside neighborhood of Baja California, just 30 minutes South of San Diego International Airport. Health Institute de Tijuana (H.I.T.) offers a picturesque setting for true convalesces.

Walking distance to the beach. Patients can enjoy the sounds and sites of this coastal town. Whether enjoying a stroll along the beach or meandering through the garden setting of Health Institute de Tijuana (H.I.T.), peace, and relaxation are always within reach.

Each of our comfortable rooms is designed to meet all of our guests’ needs during their stay. Equipped with WiFi access, cable television, Netflix and DVD player making it easy for guests to stay connected with family and friends.

While Health Institute de Tijuana (H.I.T.) isn’t home, we do everything we can to make our guests feel at home.     




I arrived at HIT with several chronic conditions, including obesity, high cholesterol, liver deterioration and psoriasis, a disorder that causes plaque to form over all areas of the body, particularly joints. The plaque is itchy and painful.

Within two weeks of care at the clinic, I saw significant improvement in all areas. For the first time as an adult, my good and bad cholesterol were both within healthy ranges! My liver function had started trending in the right direction. I experienced the most immediate relief to my psoriasis. In just a few days, my skin started to clear up and the cracking, bleeding and pain reduced significantly.


To top it off, I lost a few pounds.

Fast forward a few months and I am doing better than ever! I continue to live a Gerson lifestyle and my liver is the healthiest it has been in 15 years. Also, after losing 40 pounds, I am no longer obese.  

None of it could have happened without the terrific care and support from the HIT doctors, nurses and staff who make the clinic such a positive and life-changing experience.

Thank you HIT. You’ve given me a new lease on life.

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Happy happy birthday to my Hubby!
I made this all organic fruit cake for him!  The berries are NOT approved for GT and he did not eat them, berries are for the kids.  It was a year ago when my husband found out the had liver cancer (HCC). He was given 3-6 months.
we are so grateful that we went to HEALTH INSTITUTE DE TIJUANA in October and he is still doing well!


– Eunice L. Chang.

Dear wonderful Doctor Cervantes, 
My husband Tim and I hope you, your family and your loved ones remain safe and in good health during this challenging time. Now more than ever, my husband and I are so grateful for the passion and dedication that go along with your hard work. Thank you for your continued support in my healing, and for all you have been doing by helping many other patients in their journey without cancer and others diseases in it. 
Today is about 5.5 years mark since I was diagnosed with breast cancer, ER+PR + and HER-2 negative, and that was when my Gerson journey has begun. 
I came to the Gerson clinic in January 2015 where I immediately started a full protocol, 13 juices, 5 coffee treatments and all needed Gerson supplements. I was a “friend” with a dreadful insomnia for years, but after just a few days in the clinic I was sleeping like a baby. It was a great sign that my body started healing. 
In April 2015, just four months later, my tumor had shrunk significantly, and I decided to get a lumpectomy taking out what was left of tumor, and concentrate my energy on healing the roots of cancer.  The days have passed with the same busy routine and I learned to appreciate each day. Trough this journey I made many new friends all over the World, and I was able to hear their stories and share with them my progress. After all I wasn’t lonely at all. 
During that time I was exposed to toxic mold, and it was a huge set back, but I kept believing I will be healed. 
After 3 full years staying on Gerson Therapy and having all my scans, blood work and other tests looking great, in April 2018 I found a tiny nodule on the top of the scar from the previous lumpectomy. It looked like my body was pushing out what was left from the first occurrence or.....the oncologist called it “recurrence”. I was in shock at first, but knowing so much already I went back to the beginning, and I did a full Gerson proton again for a whole year.
During that time I learned there are many people just like me, and they are doing well after the second, third or even fourth recurrence, and it gave me so much courage and hope. I felt that was cancer’s last attempt to keep going in me, and it will be gone and I won’t have it again or ever. 
Since them I have been (and will be!) following the Gerson principles. Now I drink 3-4 juices a day. I do 2-3 coffee breaks a week. I take some of the Gerson supplements: enzymes, liver caps, niacin, Lugol’s, Co10 and occasionally, when we have a flu season I take zinc. Twice a year I do the Gerson maintenance for 2 weeks. Once in a while I allow myself to eat only raw nutritious meals for a week. And I don’t eat animal protein! Lately I added some nuts, beans, seeds and my favorite buckwheat. It’s all organic, and I don’t cheat. I enjoy my meals and the way they make me feel. Tim built me four gardens where I grow my own organic produce, and yes, I see the earth worms in our soil, and it makes my heart sing. From a 100% city girl I became a happy country loving creature!!!!! Recently I started painting again, only when the gardens don’t call my 
I am always happy if I see any opportunity to tell people there is a better way to reclaim your health and it’s the Natural Way. 
This month I was planning to do skydiving in South Florida to celebrate my new healthy life, but because of this virus situation I will have to postpone.  
I am very grateful from the bottom of my heart and beyond to Dr. Max Gerson who was a brilliant healer, and his wonderful family who made sure their father has remained in the forefront for so many to be blessed with the gift of life. Also I am grateful to my good doctors  for their amazing support and guidance in my healing journey, to  my children and friends who are my biggest supporters, to all wonderful Gerson people in this support group, especially to  you, Doctor Cervantes.

P.S. here is a little article about me which was written by the famous Russian writer. I hope my story can inspire many other people. 

See here

-Tatiana Corcoran-

"One of the issues I had hoped HIT would help with was my autoimmune issue (FFA) that affects among other things my scalp. Improvements started within 2 weeks and since I've continued on the maintenance protocol at home my FFA has continued to improve over the past 3 months. It's a fraction of what it was and I've struggled with it for years, most especially the past 3+ years. My health and energy overall are also noticeably improved! HIT was the best thing I did for myself in a decade; worth every penny."

Kristin Casey.jpg

– Kristin Casey

In January 2018, when I was 57 years old, my family and I were told that I have adenocarcinoma lung cancer. Two different oncologist’s said that my only option was a combination of chemotherapy and radiation and that if I didn’t do the chemotherapy and radiation, my life expectancy would be six to eighteen months. After further research, I said no to the chemotherapy and radiation and decided to do the Gerson Therapy.

In April 2018 my daughter and I went to the Health Institute de Tijuana for two weeks. From the moment we arrived we were greeted by staff with open arms. The clinic was very clean and had a cozy, safe feeling. The food was amazing and was always presented like beautiful art.

While at the clinic we learned everything needed for the therapy, so that we would be able to continue the therapy at home. We also met other patients and listening to their stories gave me hope and strength and they have stay with me in my heart, even after leaving the clinic.

Once I was home, I continued to work very hard at healing and had my monthly follow ups with my doctor at the clinic. Setting up the follow ups is an easy process and it feels great knowing that my lab work is reviewed monthly and the therapy is customized just for me.

In September 2019 I was very fortunate to be able to go back to the Health Institute de Tijuana, with my daughter as my companion again, to receive the dendritic immunotherapy treatment and IV vitamin C. Being at the clinic again was just like it was “yesterday” and nothing had changed. There were the same open arms that welcomed you, the same amazing staff, the same beautiful food and patients that touch your heart. Health Institute de Tijuana is a place where healing is all around you.

I know in my heart that the Gerson Therapy is why my body is healing and that I am able to still be here on earth. My wish is to go back to the Health Institute de Tijuana one day, not as a patient, but as a survivor and give my doctor another long hug.

- Beverly Mitchell

The doctors, staff, and personnel of health institute of Tijuana are the most compassionate, loving, and caring medical staff that I’ve ever come in contact with. And it’s not just the medical staff that are so compassionate and loving and caring it’s the ladies that cook our food with such love and the ladies that clean my room with such care that I cannot comprehend.

They are all easy to understand as they speak Spanish and English so I learned a little better Spanish while I was here.

Gracias to all who helped.

The community of love and genuine desire to help is among everybody that walks the floors and the compound of this place. They not only teach the Gerson Therapy way but they inspire for you to be that better person than you were before not eating healthy.

Thank you to all who made this journey that was a little scary not so scary and absolutely perfect. I highly recommend this community of love for anybody needing even just rest and attention all the way up to cancer patients. You’ll never find a better place to get healthy and renew your spirit for ultimately Christ is our healer. For I know for a fact that He sent down Angels to H.I.T to help those heal. Last but not least thank you Dr. Vanessa Alverez for your constant prayer and God‘s healing touch over me you are amazing disciple of Christ and I see Him and you. Gracias

TinaMarie photo.jpg

– TinaMarie Phillips

The rush of confusion for what to do this time about the breast cancer that's invaded my body a 2nd time was so strong. In worship and prayer to God for what to do, He prompted me to revisit the Gerson Clinic's website for their treatment center's approach to healing disease/cancer naturally.   My prayer was that if this was the way God wanted me to handle this cancer, I prayed God would open the doors and provide the way for treatment at the Gerson Clinic.  He did!

I got to the Gerson Clinic for 2 weeks with an extraordinary friend who volunteered to come along side me in that journey. While at the Gerson Clinic in Tijuana, MX, my wonderful doctor, nurses, and staff were so caring, loving and encouraging as they administered treatment through out my/our stay.   They made sure my care-giver and I left the Gerson Clinic understanding the treatments protocol as they patiently answered our questions. Now that I'm home implementing my protocol for healing, my doctor has been available for my emailed questions and answers them promptly. 
I feel good about my decision and am continuing my treatment with the help of friends and family who encourage me and who support the natural treatment I follow from the Gerson Clinic. I am so grateful for the staff and treatment that comes out of the Gerson Clinic!” 

– Denise (AKA Dee) Delaurentis

“The staff at the clinic were excellent...all the way from housekeeping to Felix and everyone in between. Very informative and attentive. Nurses always smiling and gentle. Love doctor Alvarez. Everyone keep up the good work.” 

– Lisa Hilbish

“I was at the clinic for a couple of weeks and wanted to detox and learn how to eat well. I was pre-hypertensive and by the time I left, my blood pressure was back to normal. At first it was hard to eat without sugar and salt but I got used to it in three days. The food was so good. By the time I left, I lost seven pounds and had tremendous amount of energy. The staff was so friendly…I was hugging everyone. I didn’t want to leave.”

– Cecilia Gonzalez

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