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Travel arrangements


Brown Luggage

It is recommended for patients to fly into either San Diego Lindbergh Airport or Tijuana International Airport.  Cancer Cure Institute


When traveling to Mexico you must have a valid passport and a tourist visa.


The visa can be obtained prior to travel.

More Information about Visas

A tourist permit is required to stay in Mexico for over 72 hours. You can fill out the immigration form here at:

If filling the form online note that "El Chaparral" is point of entry via land and via air is "Aeropuerto Internacional General Abelardo L. Rodriguez"

If you are a permanent resident of the following countries you DO NOT NEED a tourist permit:
United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Japan*

*Source - Embajada de Mexico en Australia


At H.I.T. Health Institute de Tijuana, we prioritize your safety and well-being. Our treatment center in Mexico has a flawless safety record since more than 20 years ago.

We ensure that your healing journey is as safe and comfortable as possible.

Security Guards and surveillance cameras are available 24/7.

Active Neighborhood Watch.

Our associates have more than 20 years loyalty on the Institute.

Only patients and companions stay into the Institute.



When you cross the into Mexico you want to be on the farthest lane to the right.

Note that all of the lanes will split off from one another and go in different directions.

Once you cross the border stay on the right side of the road.

The road will split and you should take the lane that says: “ENSENADA ROSARITO SCENIC ROAD.”

You want to make sure that you follow this sign. 

Making a right turn towards the scenic road to PLAYAS DE TIJUANA.


You are now headed WEST alongside the border fence.


You will drive for a couple of miles making your way up to the top of a big hill.


At the top of the hill the road will curve to the left and head down. Towards the bottom of the road, it will split to the RIGHT, again, the SIGN will say ROSARITO, ENSENADA AND PLAYAS.


Stay on the middle and far last lane on the right. Take the split to the right and follow it until you come to the exit PLAYAS DE TIJUANA. From the split to the exit is about 1 mile.


Take the exit straight down into PLAYAS.

You will pass six stop lights.

Make a right hand turn heading WEST on Avenida del Agua.  You will see a pharmacy on your right hand side.

Then take the immediate first right on De las Rocas.

Our building is on the corner of Ave. del Agua and De las Rocas street.


During the day we ask that you park your vehicle outside of our facility where we have cameras monitoring the street.


After the dinner hour you are welcome to bring your vehicle onto the premises for the night.

Driving Directions
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