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Health Institute de Tijuana (H.I.T.) is a boutique facility with a capacity of ten comfortable rooms.  Cancer Recovery Treatment

Each guest and their companion will have a private room with all of the comforts of home.

Amenities include free WiFi, cable T.V., and Netflix in the room.

Guests and their companions are also welcome to enjoy the swimming pool, large T.V. room where our yoga instructor and psychologists hold sessions plus we have a comfortable courtyard with seating. 


We encourage guests to relax and heal. Companions are encouraged to learn as much about the treatment as possible so that upon returning home there is a better opportunity for positive results.


Meet our expert team, committed to your health.

Alicia Melendez
Medical Director Emeritus

"Each patient we see receives a personalized plan to fit her needs. I do not believe in one treatment for all.  When you see positive results in someone you are helping, it brings you a great sense of joy and humility."

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Pedro Cervantes
Dr Cervantes_edited.jpg

"If we understand how the immune system works completely, we can treat and cure any disease."

Vanessa Alvarez
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"God is my major influence because it is for me an opportunity to show His love, care, hope for others." 

  • Silvia Gonzalez  MD

  • Carlo Acosta MD

  • Eduardo Nevarez MD

Faces of HIT
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Meet the Faces behind H.I.T.
This is an space to honor all the wonderful people that make the mission of Health Institute de Tijuana possible.

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