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Sometimes when I need a little boost to help when I’m struggling I search for a quote. A good quote helps you feel grounded and safe. A good quote gives you hope. A good quote reminds you that you are not alone. However, there isn’t a quote that is appropriate for what we are living through. This new life we are dealing with is something out of the script of a sci fi terror movie. Who would have believed that a virus like COVID-19 would give every country such a swift kick that recovery would not take just a few weeks but possibly years. The word “recovery” is also said tongue in cheek because in the US alone the number of new cases and unfortunate deaths is off the charts.

When this pandemic started, we at Health Institute de Tijuana hoped that a few weeks would clear things up. We were wrong. As we saw the days turn into weeks and these turn into months we realized that in order to be able to continue helping those that come to our facility we need to make sure that a new protocol is set up. This would ensure anyone who comes knows that we are taking every precaution extremely serious.

You may ask “what is Health Institute de Tijuana doing to keep people safe?” Here are just a few things to reassure you:

· Daily health screenings of employees and vendors upon arrival. Patients are checked daily.

· Patients and their companions are called to their treating physician’s office when it’s time for their daily appointment. This way, we can avoid having a group of people congregate waiting for their turn.

· Hand washing is required by staff every thirty minutes.

· Protective acrylic barriers are set in different areas such as doctor’s offices, nursing station and reception.

· COVID-19 testing for staff before a new session starts.

· Face masks are required in all common areas of the clinic and must be worn by staff, patients, employees and anyone that enters our doors.

· Narrow hallways have been converted into one way routes to avoid people from bumping into each other.

· Buffet style meals have been replaced by restaurant style service.

· Sanitizing and cleaning is done constantly.

· Social distancing is required during presentations and classes with these also being given outdoors in the fresh air.

We have recently also started doing long distance tele consults via Zoom for new patients. These consults have helped so much because folks that may not want or be able to travel can start their own protocol with a Health Institute de Tijuana physician immediately.

For those wanting to come to our facility we are open. We’ve simply changed our schedule a bit. Every month we have a two week session where patients can arrive and stay in our facility. With our new health standards in place we can make sure that our patients receive labs, juices, supplements, consults and all that is needed to do their customized protocol under the watchful supervision of medical doctors, nurses and caring staff. Our biggest priority is to make sure you know that we are doing everything needed to keep you safe. Let us know if you have any questions and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can – – in the meanwhile, here’s a little something to perk up your day:

“Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.” Maya Angelou

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