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Support for your Gerson success

When guests come to Health Institute de Tijuana one of the biggest concerns is “how will I manage when I get home?”

Independence is one thing we are used to. We are always the ones that say “I can help,” “I’ll do it,” “what do you need done?” What happens when it’s our turn to ask for support? This sometimes is very difficult. We don’t want to impose. We don’t want to bother. We don’t want to inconvenience. However, there are times when we have to be ok in asking. It’s not easy but who do you turn to?

If you’re lucky enough to have supportive friends and family then please ask them. We’ve heard of moms, sisters, best friends, sons, cousins and fathers coming to the rescue. It doesn’t hurt to ask and you might be surprised as to who steps up. They can help by going grocery shopping, washing veggies, making soup. As much as you have done for them they will do for you.

The Gerson Institute has a network of recovered patients who volunteer and help prospective patients. Even though this group is designed for prospective guests you may still want to reach out. The network is big enough and I’m sure the support you received when applying continues well after you go home. Another source at the Gerson Institute would be your initial contact – your educational specialist.

Another great resource is community. If you’re familiar with Healing Strong then you know that they are not only in the US but can be found in other countries as well. Their support groups gather regularly and can be what you need. A few months ago, Health Institute de Tijuana participated in Cancer Control Society’s annual convention and were lucky enough to have a booth next to Healing Strong. Kismet. We met Suzy Griswold the founder and president of this organization. If you’re looking for an additional layer of support contact them. They have over 160 groups in 41 states and eight countries. Link to their info is below.

Please visit Kathleen Blake’s Facebook group. There are thousands of readers that are doing the same thing you are doing. Post a question and within minutes you will get someone’s opinion. Kathleen is also a huge wealth of information. She has knowledge in the therapy, she met Charlotte Gerson and went through the protocol herself.

The journey you started six days or six months ago is a long one. Don’t forget that we at Health Institute de Tijuana are here for you too. If you already stayed with us and need a question answered – send us an email. If you need immediate help please call. Your treating physician is going to walk the path with you. You are not alone. Have faith, believe and stay strong.

Please note that the opinions and ideas of any one group, organization or person is that of their own and not a reflection of Health Institute de Tijuana.

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