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So, we took the plunge in 2019 and joined social media. Sounds crazy that we barely joined but it's true! It was rather scary since we aren’t social media gurus but we wanted to share what’s going on at the clinic. When folks arrive at Health Institute de Tijuana sometimes we are told “I had no idea you existed.” I think this comment is the one that hurts the most. Others have said “I wish there were pictures of your facility online.” Some might say “It would be great if we can see photos of the doctors and the staff.” "Had I known more about you earlier I would have come sooner." And on and on it went.

We hired a great company in San Diego called Lobo Media who helped us with design and set up of what we wanted to look like online. Our main concern was to make sure that folks saw who we are, what we offer and what we do. We now have a YouTube Channel, a web page, Facebook page and an Instagram account (all links are listed below). We try to upload content regularly and hope you have been able to check us out.

With our first anniversary of social medial presence we have decided to start doing Facebook Live videos. By doing the videos we wanted you to get to know our doctors more, learn about the therapy that we offer and see how Gerson Therapy is all about nutrition and detox.

We hope you check in weekly on Tuesday mornings at 11AM PST for these videos. We will have either Dr. Pedro Cervantes or Dr. Vanessa Alvarez answering questions and addressing concerns. We also will try to present different menu items that we serve at the clinic (warning, your mouth will start to water).

Make sure to participate when you join in. If you watch us live feel free to chime in and say hello. Tell us where you're watching from. Type down questions and we will try to answer them in real time. We will do our best to answer as many questions live but if we run out of time please join us next time and we'll try to answer them then. If you missed a live video then email us your questions at and write “FaceBook Live” in the subject line. By doing this we will see what you wrote and try to address it in our next video. Please note that we will do our best to have a weekly video but there will be times when we may have to reschedule. Thanks for understanding.

See you live!

Photo by CoWomen from Pexels

Photo by Terje Sollie from Pexels

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1 Comment

Jerimy Walker
Jerimy Walker
Apr 02, 2023

And if you don't have a professional video camera, then you can record your face using screen recorder and you don't need to download it anymore

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