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Carrots & Coffee - the back story

"So, what do you do?" I get this a lot. I then start to explain what Gerson Therapy is. However, it's not something that you can answer in just a few sentences. What is Gerson? How did I become involved in this? Can it really help you? As they say in the movies " all started long ago."

The year was 1978 and my mother had just become a widow at a very young age. She needed a little extra income and a friend of hers mentioned that a hospital was looking for a physician. The hospital was called La Gloria (The Glory). The people who were running it were going to practice this thing called Gerson Therapy. My mom had worked in the medical field since 1964 and all she knew was orthodox medicine. You know, you get sick, you get a pill or they cut it out and that's it. In the 1970s there weren't alternative doctors. There were barely any vegetarian restaurants like we see now days. Who would ever say that you could heal a body with fruits, veggies, juicies and detoxing.

This was the time she met Charlotte Gerson. If you ever met her or even if you've seen her videos you know that Charlotte was no nonsense. A strong and incredibly intelligent advocate for anyone who was sick. She took my mom under her wing. She taught her what the therapy was. She told her how juicing and detoxing is a way to help the body nourish itself so that its own immune system gets strong enough to fight off disease. Who'd of thunk it.

This is how it all began.

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